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  Since becoming a student of Courtenay’s, I have been continually impressed by her care, passion and incredible attention to detail both within her lesson programs as well as in her own riding.

The team and atmosphere at Highbury Dressage is always fun, encouraging and most of all supportive in one another’s goals.

Courtenay always goes the extra mile to do the little things that mean so much.

Her attitude always positive.

One of Courtenay’s greatest attributes as a coach and rider, is her understanding, encouragement and patience. She always pushes you to achieve your best and while Dressage is about striving for perfection, she understands that if it isn’t perfect, you just try try try again.

As her student, she makes learning, training and achieving goals beyond expectations; such an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Going into the ring to work hard, we challenge ourselves to overcome obstacles and strengthen ourselves and our horses to bring out the very best. And while the journey in Dressage is long, with Courtenay, the road travelled is worth every minute.

Above all else, Courtenay’s love, care and attention for all of the horses she works with, shines through in everything that she does.

I am very grateful to have found such a positive, encouraging, talented and inspiring coach, rider and friend in Courtenay.

Together with my amazing pony Elle; that I was so fortunate to find through Courtenay, I look forward to the years ahead, working with Courtenay, to achieve my goals in Dressage, as I travel up the levels!

~ Carly

I've been taking lessons from Courtenay for the past year and a half.  I appreciate her passion for both the horse and sport of dressage.

She is very professional and approachable. No question or concern is too small to discuss. When I think back, I can see how much I have learned from Courtenay. I am looking forward to continue to grow as a rider with her as my coach!

~ Andrea R.



    To me, Courtenay Fraser is not only a trainer, she is a coach, mentor, and very dear friend.
When I began riding with Courtenay I had a nervous young horse, who could be quite temperamental at times! With Courtenay's help and constant support, we have moved up through the levels and debuted in the FEI ring in 2012. Courtenay was unwavering in her belief in both myself and my horse; always there with an encouraging word when we were presented with a new challenge. She knows how to push the horse and rider to be their best, while instilling confidence in both at the same time. As a fellow professional rider, I have found her expertise invaluable. The knowledge I have gained from Courtenay, I have been able to apply to multiple horses, as well as students of my own. I am truly indebted to Courtenay for all of her help over the years - she always makes time to help when needed, and tries her best to be there to watch every test at every show! With Courtenay's incredible eye and attention to detail, there are constant improvements in the rider's feel and the horse's way of going. Courtenay is honest and straightforward, and I respect her greatly for that. I am proud to count her as a friend, and I look forward to working with her well into the future.

~ Dusty Thiessen

Courtenay has increased my riding skills with positive reinforcement and a professional approach, taking the time to identify the type of relationship I have with my horse and the areas that need attention.
She has worked very hard to enhance the riding strengths that I have while helping to improve the areas that had become weak.

Courtenay strives to ensure that harmony between horse and rider is the result for all of the horses and students she trains. She incorporates all six principles of the dressage training scale beautifully in her everyday training methods. The result is better conditioning, effective discipline and health and happiness of both horse and rider.

The combination her talent, knowledge and positive teaching methods are very effective. It is very motivating to ride and train with Courtenay and I have learned a great deal from her in a very short time. She is professional in every sense of the word with a genuine, caring approach. Her mentorship skills are second to none and she motivates me and my horse to want to improve with each lesson. Riding is rewarding and enjoyable again!

~ Patti Andrews



    In just one year of riding with Courtenay my horse and I have gained more knowledge, strength and confidence than we have in years.
Our rides went from mediocre to fantastic which was proven in the show ring throughout the year. Courtenay's patience, knowledge and philosophy that any horse, regardless of breed, shape or size can benefit from correct training has been so inspiring to me. Throughout our training I have watched my 15 year old Anglo-Arabian turn into a correct, amazing dressage horse. Courtenay's continued effort to support and encourage me to push forward in my riding goals has been tireless and I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done. I look forward to moving up the levels under her expertise and watching her do the same as she moves forward to reach her goals and dreams in the world of competitive Dressage.

~ Christie Wengranowski

Courtenay's dedication to Dressage is incredible.
Training with her is the best choice I ever made. Ever since Courtenay has been my trainer, I felt that my riding has improved extremely! Everything in my riding changed in a positive way, and I think her way of teaching is very effective. She has a positive outlook on everything, and I think that is a huge part of becoming successful. I look forward to having my lesson every week because I learn many new things, and the outcome is always amazing! Training with Courtenay makes me feel like I am a part of her team, and that’s the greatest feeling in the world. I look forward to an excellent 2011 show season with Courtenay right by my side!

~ Ania Wypych



    I have known Courtenay since she was an early teenager and have always been impressed with her drive, enthusiasm and, single minded determination to be the best rider she can be, whilst ever being mindful of the need to be responsible for the well being of the horses in her care.
Now as professional horsewoman, coach and ambitious competitive rider, I feel fortunate to call Courtenay not only my friend but also a coach who helps to keep me and my horse progressing toward the FEI levels.

~ Sheila Skene

EC Medium Dressage Judge
USEF R Dressage Judge
EC Para-Equestrian Judge

"Someone said, 'Great skill makes dressage look effortless', which goes through my mind each time I watch Courtenay ride.
She is truly an accomplished rider, who is constantly seeking to improve herself and this commitment is evident in her horses' progress. Even greater than her talent for riding are her levels of empathy and patience with the horse. Courtenay puts the horse first in all ways and is a model of exemplary horsemanship."

~ Sheri Burkholder
A horse lover who incorporates dressage principles into pleasure riding.




    I was looking for a dressage instructor and heard about Courtenay.
After only a few months of riding with her, there was a significant improvement in my horse's work ethic and attitude. Courtenay is helping us to achieve our goals with her positive and encouraging instruction. I am grateful for how far we have come and looking forward to moving up the levels. Thanks Courtenay!

~ Laura

Courtenay's lessons are inspirational.
She makes me want to be a better rider. Her positive lesson style, her attention to detail, and her true love for the horse come through in every lesson she teaches. Courtenay has helped me so much with both of my young horses. I look forward to what I am going to learn, and having my horses performance improve, each time I have a lesson with her. Courtenay has also helped make me a better coach, as I take the new things I learn from her and help my students achieve more from their horses as well. Thanks Courtenay.

~ Karren



    I have been 'blessed' to fall for an incredibly sensitive Thoroughbred mare and then decided that dressage is the way I would like to go with her.
I had also taken a break from regular riding and instruction, just enough time to develop some really bad habits and lose confidence. Working on my own was not productive, but I had a hard time finding a dressage instructor who works well with this type of horse. A few lessons with Courtenay have made such a drastic difference in our partnership. I now not only enjoy my horse on the ground, I have a great time riding and finally feel as though we are progressing. Courtenay has been instrumental in teaching me how to work through my horse's tension - I always realized I was part of the problem, but I had no idea just how sensitive my horse was to some small things I was doing. In addition to being a fantastic rider, Courtenay has a great eye and is very good at reading each horse she works with - she realizes that every horse is an individual and that you have to alter your training to suit that particular horse. I love the fact that Courtenay teaches her students to enjoy and progress in their dressage journey with the horse they have. My only regret right now is that I can't make it out for lessons much more often.

~ Anna Drygalski

Two years ago, I searched out Courtenay to help me get my horse through “the black hole of training” (Second Level).
I had an association with Courtenay through our mutual mentor (Dietrich Von Hopfgarten) but had also observed her effectiveness as a rider and trainer at the Grand Prix Level. Since I started with Courtenay, we’ve advanced well beyond the basic levels to successfully compete at Third Level and now we’re having fun schooling movements of the FEI levels including piaffe/passage. In the world of Dressage, Courtenay’s has a unique attitude of always seeing the possibilities rather than barriers. That, combined with her talent as a Rider and a Coach will take you anywhere you want to go.

~ Noni